Thanks to these trainers, you can squeeze in a workout from anywhere, whether you're into HIIT, Pilates, or yoga

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: August 11, 2016

Let's be honest: When Facebook Live first came on the scene, no one quite knew what to make of it. But the platform has quickly proved its usefulness, especially in the fitness world where access to amazing workouts has come more democratized than ever. While you may not have access to a celeb trainer's class if you don't live in New York or LA, thanks to media brands (like Shape-shameless bragging!) who have teamed up with amazing trainers to share full workouts, you can feel like you're right there in person (and ask questions in real time) with the perk of not having to actually leave your house. (And even if you can't tune in or take the workout live, you can save them for later and do the workout whenever.)

Things have only gotten better since Facebook made their live streaming feature open to all users. Now, you can take classes with trainers from all over the country on a daily basis, no matter where you live, and meet new folks on the scene you may not have known about otherwise. If you're new to the workout trend, we've rounded up a few of the many trainers taking to Facebook Live to get you started. (Psst: Here are the Fit Girl Snapchat Accounts You Need to Be Following.)

Super Sister Fitness: These certified trainer sisters created their own bootcamp program, Super Sister Fitness, in 2012 to share their workouts and recipes online.

Here's their 20-minute quads and glutes workout to sculpt your butt:

YogaGirl: You may know Rachel Branthen from Instagram (check her out here doing SUP yoga), but this best-selling author, motivational speaker, and international yoga teacher also uses FB Live to share her yoga sessions from Aruba.

Here's her mellow 'yoga to create space' session, designed to help you wind down:

The Betty Rocker: This certified exercise coach offers fat-burning, muscle-sculpting workout plans on her site, as well as healthy recipes and meal prep, too.

Here, she demos her morning abs circuit:

Jessica Valant: This physical therapist and Pilates instructor transitioned from runner her own studio to running her own blog and YouTube channel where she shares her toning and strengthening Pilates workouts.

Here, she demos her 20-minute intermediate mat class (with a Q&A at the end!)

Melissa Ioja: This trainer has her own HIIT bootcamp fitness program and teaches krav maga so she's seriously bad ass. In addition to her FB Lives, you can also check out her workouts on her YouTube channel.

Here's one of her intense HIIT workouts, using weights and a sandbag:

YogaLive Girl: After being diagnosed with leukemia and going through chemo, Hillary Thomas dedicated her career to spreading a healthy lifestyle through her yoga certification.

Here, she shares a midday yoga flow:

BJ Gaddour: The author and Men's Health fitness director is also a certified trainer who shares bodyweight and strength training moves on his Instagram account.

Here, he hits the track with his wife for a full-body circuit incorporating strength training moves with a kettlebell:


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