Suffering from cubicle butt after long hours at the office? Try this bikini butt workout – it lifts and shapes you in all the right spots in time for beach season.

You've spent the last six months working your butt off at the office -- juggling meetings, e-mails and the paper tsunami otherwise known as your inbox. And while your boss is satisfied and your paychecks are getting fatter, all those hours spent sitting behind a desk have taken their toll. Instead of sporting a lifted rear end, you feel like you have cubicle butt.

Before you resign yourself to wearing a coverup all summer, try these exclusive moves from the "Quick Fix Buns" video (Peter Pan Industries), designed to zero in on your butt muscles, so you can get a rounder, more lifted look in time for beach season.

Secrets to butt exercises that really work

According to certified trainer Nancy Popp, who stars in the "Buns" video, one secret to the "Quick Fix" is targeting your butt from different angles. All of the exercises shown on these pages are done while you're standing, but small changes in position -- such as turning out your toes or rotating your knee out from your hip -- let you hit your buttocks from a variety of important directions.

But can you really get an effective workout without hoisting weights? Yes -- as long as you learn how to isolate your glutes. "Proper form is essential to getting results," Popp says. "In general, you want to do controlled repetitions and keep your hips stationary." Then, by really contracting your gluteal muscles, you can create enough resistance to give your butt a boost. (Later, hit the gym for serious lifting to keep the progress going.)

Don't worry: You won't have to spend much time squeezing your cheeks. Says Popp: "With these types of exercises, you're really isolating the buttocks area, so you can get good results in as little as 10 minutes at a time."

Get gorgeous from behind for bikini season; use the best butt exercises.

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Zoom in on all the right muscles with these butt exercises. The payoff: You'll be confident and firm by bikni season.

What to do:

Warm-up: Begin each workout with 5 minutes of light aerobic activity -- marching in place, doing step-ups or walking briskly -- followed by a few hip rolls, hip circles (use a Hula-Hoop if you have one!) and alternating knee raises or leg kicks.

Fitness Workout 1: Do 1 set of each move in the order shown. Then, before switching legs, repeat the exercises as a combination: Do 1 lunge followed by a one-legged squat and a turnout; repeat this combo 10 times. When you're finished, switch sides and repeat the entire workout.

Fitness Workout 2: Do 1 set of each move in the order shown, then switch sides and repeat.

Cool-down: End each workout by stretching your butt and hip muscles, holding each stretch for 20-30 seconds without bouncing. 1) Lift your right knee up to hip height, then place both hands under your right thigh. Round your spine so your tailbone drops down and under; you should feel a stretch in your butt and lower back. 2) Return to a neutral spine position, then use your left hand to pull your right knee toward your left side to stretch your right hip. Repeat both stretches on the other side.

The schedule for your butt exercises

If you're just starting an exercise program, follow the Beginner Schedule. If you've been exercising consistently for at least 3 months, go straight to the Basic Schedule.


Weeks 1-2: Do Workout 1 only, 3 times per week.

Weeks 3-4: Do Workout 2 only, 3 times per week.

Week 5: Progress to Basic Schedule.


Do Workouts 1 and 2, 3 times per week, either on the same day or on alternating days.

To progress

If this plan begins to feel easy, do additional repetitions or a second set of each move.

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