Blast Calories in Class


The Class Burn

Where Healthworks (

What it is A group class that alternates between seven minutes of walking and running on a treadmill and three minutes of continuous strength-training moves for up to 50 minutes.

The Class Barton Biking

Where David Barton Gym (

What it is A one-hour session, during which you'll power through a biking interval and grab a pair of dumbbells to do a few sets of arm or shoulder exercises; then repeat until you've strengthened your entire body and burned more than 500 calories.

The Class Chaos

Where Equinox (

What it is A boredom-busting hour and a half of cardio drills and strength-training exercises. The class also involves make-believe, such as sprinting across the "street" (a.k.a. the studio) when you hear a "horn" (whistle) to avoid a "car" (stability ball). You'll work your body and mind in a variety of ways-kind of like you do in real life-and have a blast in the process.

The Class Rocket Workout

Where Crunch (

What it is A routine using a soon-to-be-everywhere machine called the Orbital 360. You'll spend 30 minutes sculpting your body with variable resistance poles that are anchored to a circular platform. The Rocket Workout includes strength-training exercises as well as stretches and Pilates moves, all using the poles for support.

The Class Bin Zhou

Where New York Health & Racquet Club (

What it is In 45 minutes you'll meditate and do breathing exercises, then perform a series of tai chi and qi gong movements and isometrics, such as holding a deep squat. You'll get a low-intensity cardio workout, but the focus is more on relaxation and increasing energy than on blasting fat.

The Class Indo-Row

Where Revolution Fitness ( or The Sports Club/LA (

What it is A group exercise class on rowing machines that blasts calories. Set to energetic music, you'll perform drills-aimed to teach technique-and "race" against your classmates. The 50-minute workout will get your heart pumping, while toning your entire body.

The Class Kranking

Where Go to for locations

What it is A 30-minute cycling class for your arms. Krankcycles have hand pedals, where you'd normally find handlebars, which you rotate at various speeds and intensities.It's a great way to tone your arms, while giving your lower body a rest.

The Class Punk Rope

Where Go to for locations

What it is This hour-long workout is best described as P.E. class for adults set to rock music.The class alternates between rope jumping and conditioning drills involving lunges, squats and sprints. But these are no ordinary drills; they have names like Wizard of Oz and Charlie Brown, and related movements, such as skipping around the gym on the yellow-brick road and fielding softballs in place like Lucy.

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