Kayla Itsines Launched a New Zero-Equipment Program to Make Your At-Home Workouts As Simple As Possible

The program brings 70 new exercises to the beloved SWEAT app.

Kayla Itsines
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Finding workout motivation on day infinity of quarantine can feel totally impossible. Gyms are still boarded up across the country, workout equipment is on backorder, and by now, you've probably memorized all the running paths in your neighborhood. But if your usual fitness routines are starting to become a drag, Kayla Itsines has the perfect solution for you. Today, the SWEAT creator has launched a new BBG Zero Equipment program that will help make working out at home as simple as possible, while also keeping you entertained. (

"Talking and listening to many women around the world in the past few months, I understand the many complexities and barriers that women are facing to exercise during this time," Itsines said in a statement. "It can be daunting not having access to a gym and having to work out at home without equipment whilst trying to juggle the pressures of living and working. Listening to the needs of women, I created BBG Zero Equipment to help make working out at home as simple as possible by removing the need for equipment and giving women the tools and confidence to workout effectively using their body weight." (

As the name suggests, BBG Zero Equipment is a 16-week program that requires no equipment whatsoever. The exercises gradually increase in complexity and you don't need a lot of space to get your sweat on. Following the blueprint of Itsines' BBG workout programs, BBG Zero Equipment features four 28-minute workouts, including Full Body Circuit, Full Body Bootcamp, Arms and Abs, and Full-Body Chair. If you're short on time, the program also offers two Express workouts, each of which is between 12-13 minutes long. You're also encouraged to complete two low-intensity cardio sessions (LISS) to reach your weekly goal. (

Perhaps the most exciting part about the program is that it will introduce 70 new bodyweight exercises that have never been seen on the SWEAT app before. Rest assured, Itsines created and tried every single workout herself to make sure they were as practical as possible. "I tried and tested all 70 new exercises in my BBG Zero Equipment program in my lounge room in Adelaide [Australia], and designed the program to be done in a small space so you can work out in your apartment, bedroom, or kitchen," she shared.

Kayla Itsines stretching before her BBG zero equipment workout
Kayla Itsines

What to Expect from BBG Zero Equipment

For starters, the full-body sessions are time-based and consist of three circuits targeting different areas of the body. Each circuit is then broken down into four exercises, each of which is to be completed for 30 seconds. Each circuit is then repeated for a total of three times. The circuits themselves are seven minutes long, with a one-minute rest in between. The session ends with a superset finisher, made of two exercises performed back to back with no rest in between. (

Next, the full-body boot camp workout is all about intensity. The time-based session includes three tri-sets (three exercises completed consecutively without rest), two supersets, and a burnout, that combines all the workouts from the session, back to back with one 30-second rest in between. (If this workout sounds like a must-try, you'll want to add this DIY bootcamp workout to your to-do list too.)

For BBG aficionados, both the arms and abs workout and full-body chair sessions are rep based workouts and follow the same format as the original BBG workouts. The sessions have two seven-minute circuits with four exercises. Each circuit is repeated twice, to create four seven-minute circuits.

Finally, the express workouts are all time-based and consist of seven exercises performed for 30 seconds each. You do these movements three times over and have a quick rest in between, allowing you to catch your breath.

The thing to keep in mind is that BBG Zero Equipment is designed to be accessible for people of all fitness levels. It includes four beginner weeks to help you ease back into their fitness routine and. During these weeks, you will have three scheduled resistance workouts, targeting the upper body, lower body, full-body, and abs, as well as two scheduled LISS days and a rest day. (BTW, a rest day doesn't always mean lounging on the couch all day long.)

In weeks 5-12, your goal is to complete four resistance workouts, along with two cardio sessions and a recovery session. High-intensity cardio isn't introduced until week nine. The 12-13 minute express workouts mentioned before are completely optional and are designed to either provide an extra challenge or greater flexibility in the workout week.

Ready to give it a go? Download the SWEAT app and start the program today.

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