Peloton Has Finally Expanded Into Boxing

The brand launched a new boxing program with classes led by Kendall Toole, Rad Lopez, and Selena Samuela.

Photo: Courtesy of Peloton

After months of speculation and a seemingly endless amount of praying hands emojis populating its instructors' Instagram comments sections, Peloton has finally delivered the knockout punch members have been clamoring for. That's right fighters, Peloton boxing has entered the ring.

The platform's first batch of boxing content arrived yesterday in the form of an eight-class program spanning two weeks. Led by Peloton fan favorites and experienced boxers, Kendall Toole, Rad Lopez, and Selena Samuela, the classes that make up the Get Hooked Boxing Program range from 20 to 30-minutes and are intended to give members all the fundamental tools and techniques they need to master shadowboxing (i.e. the type of boxing that doesn't require equipment or an opponent).

Courtesy of Peloton

According to Peloton, boxing is hands-down the platform's most requested discipline, a fact that shouldn't surprise anyone who's ever tuned into any of Toole's, Lopez's, or Samuela's Instagram lives where they routinely field requests from viewers demanding the content. (When Toole posted this throwback boxing pic in July, fans went nuts.) Drawing on the instructors' collective experience — and the wisdom of boxing trainer Jeremiah Maestre — Peloton put together a program that starts with 20-minute foundational classes in the first week to help newbies learn combination, footwork, and defense basics. Week two includes 30-minute shadowboxing sessions that help members apply those skills. (

The classes can only be accessed within the program itself, so anyone interested in trying their hand (or fist) at jabs and crosses will need to sign up for the whole Get Hooked program, which is available via the Peloton App, Bike, Bike and Tread. You have to take the classes in order, completing the first class in order to unlock the second, and so on. (

And before you ask, yes, there will be more boxing content on the way. According to the Peloton blog, even more instructors will join the boxing lineup to produce additional classes, along with "some surprises along the way." For now, you can navigate to the "Programs" section on your Peloton app or on the homescreen of your device and select "Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing" to try the new program.

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