Calorie-sizzling cardio

Upper-Body Aquatics

The following activities may be low-impact, but water provides incredible resistance for fantastic chest, back and arm sculpting and fat-burning benefits -- while keeping you cool.

1. Kayaking Whether you paddle with a partner or solo, really pull through your entire range of motion with each stroke for a great upper-body, and fat-blasting, boost. Burns 90 calories/15 minutes (calorie estimates are based on a 145-pound woman)

2. Swimming To work your arms, chest, back and abs, do a front crawl, moving your arms in smooth, elongated strokes as you roll your body from side to side, kicking gently with your legs but using your arms to do most of the work. Burns 105 calories/15 minutes

3. Surfing Catch a wave and you'll get a killer core workout, since you have to use your abs and spine extensors to stay balanced on the board -- and the arm work required to paddle the board can be considerable too. Burns 50 calories/15 minutes

Lower-Body Sandsations

Sand, sun and fun go together. Make use of all three to burn calories and tone your butt, hips and thighs with these 15-minute cardio bursts.

1. Sand Circuit Holding a medicine ball in front of your chest with elbows bent at waist, complete 30 seconds each of the following on dry sand: power walk, run, do walking lunges, skip, leap/bound, rest (3 minutes total). Repeat sequence 5 times. For more of a challenge, perform the circuit on wet sand.

Burns 150 calories/15 minutes

2. Shallow-Water Run Alternate easy jogging with short bursts of sprinting at the surf's edge. Running through just a few inches of water dramatically increases the calorie burn.

Burns 200 calories/15 minutes

3. Frisbee Throw Play Frisbee with a friend, returning the tosses quickly. For more of a challenge, toss the Frisbee and try to catch it yourself. Burns 105 calories/15 minutes

Total-Body Ballgames

Not only are these sports great for getting you strong and slim from head to toe -- they're also very social and can satisfy a competitive streak. 1. Tennis Really use your arms, abs and back as you swing and serve. When you're in ready stance, do a partial squat, and make sure to chase after every shot to boost your calorie burn and build lower-body strength, not to mention speed and agility.

Burns 120 calories/15 minutes

2. Beach Volleyball As with tennis, use your arms and core muscles to keep the ball in motion; if you run through the sand to make a shot, you won't just win a stronger, more agile and coordinated lower body, you might win the game too!

Burns 130 calories/15 minutes

3. Golf Go to your nearest driving range and hit a bucket of balls for a low-intensity hip and arm workout that also builds incredible core strength, thanks to the frequent twisting motion. Play a game with friends (no golf cart!) to up the aerobic activity.

Burns 100 calories/15 minutes

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