By Rachel Tannenbaum

Before I even tried the Wii Fit Plus, I loved the idea of pairing a video game, which is traditionally a sedentary past time, with an interactive exercise experience.

I used the My Routine feature on the console and had the option to create my own personalized workout routine from a yoga and strength training menu-all the while being motivated and guided by a personal trainer. Having a menu to select from and choosing the moves, order, and duration of my workout allowed me to create a customized routine, which focused on my trouble zones. This feature is ideal for someone accustomed to working out and comfortable creating a comprehensive set of exercises. However, a beginner would be better suited for the Wii Fit Plus Routines, which are already pre-set and suited to particular goals.

What I found the most impressive about this program is just how closely my core stability, alignment, and balance were monitored. During the side squat, for example, my trainer could sense that my knee was starting to extend over my foot, and that this weight distribution represented improper form. As soon as my knee reached this point, my trainer notified me. Because the balance board has such an accurate and sensitive measure of these subtle but essential aspects of a workout regimen, I would venture to say it may surpass a personal trainer at a gym, who may not be able to notice such small instabilities. Added bonus: I got in an effective workout without leaving my living room!

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Editor's Note: The Wii Fit was provided to Shape by Nintendo for testing in this review.

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