Start every workout session with 20 minutes of cardio, selecting from any of the following workouts. Try to vary your activities, as well as your intensity, on a regular basis to prevent plateaus and keep things fun. For example, include 1-2 interval workouts (see examples below) a week (but no more than 2). Perhaps you can walk or run on Mondays, do step aerobics on Wednesdays and try a hill program on the elliptical trainer on Fridays.

Warm-Up/Cool-Down Make sure to start slowly for the first 3-5 minutes before increasing intensity, and always decrease your intensity for 2-3 minutes prior to doing the strength moves.

Cardio Option 1

Pick your machine

Steady-state Program any cardio machine (such as a treadmill, stair climber or elliptical trainer) to manual and, after a brief warm-up, work at a moderate intensity (you should be able to talk in short sentences while exercising) until you've completed 20 minutes total.

Interval You can also choose a hill profile on any of the above machines for a slightly higher calorie burn.

20-minute total calorie burn: 100-180*

Cardio Option 2

Take it outside

Steady-state Lace up your shoes and hit the footpath for 20 minutes of moderate-intensity walking or jogging (you should be able to talk in short sentences while exercising). Don't forget to start with a few minutes at an easier pace.

Interval You can also alternate 1-2 minutes of running (or fast walking) with 3-4 minutes of brisk walking for a slightly higher calorie burn.

20-minute total calorie burn: 106-140

Cardio Option 3

Get a groupIf you prefer to work out with others or you like to have a bit more instruction, head for a class, such as hi- or low-impact aerobics, step, kickboxing or Spinning. If you'd rather exercise at home, try an aerobics video. Although "The Cellulite Solution Workout" only requires that you do 20 minutes of cardio, you'll see even faster results if you do a longer session.

20-minute total calorie burn: 130-178

*Calorie estimates are based on a 145-pound woman.

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