A Cool New Way to Run

Your mission

Get all the calorie-torching, body-firming benefits of running with none of the pounding or sweating. To do it, you'll sprint in the deep end of a swimming pool (a foam belt keeps you buoyant). Research shows that jogging in water feels much easier than hoofing it on the ground, but both activities burn about the same number of calories and strengthen your muscles. Plus, because you're moving in warm water, you'll finish this run feeling more limber and relaxed. A total-body workout that's simpler to do but works just as hard? Suddenly the pool just got a lot more appealing than the treadmill.

How it works

Put on a buoyancy belt (available at most health club pools and speedo.com) and get into the deep end of a pool. You should sink to about chest level and your feet shouldn't touch the bottom. Bend your elbows close to your sides and make loose fists with your hands. "Run" just like you would on land, swinging your arms from front to back in opposition to your legs. To kick, hold on to the edge of the pool or do laps with a kickboard.

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