Cowgirl Yoga Retreat

Bozeman, Montana

Why settle for just horseback riding or yoga when you can have both? When former big city girl Margaret Burns Vap moved to Montana a few years ago, she brought her yoga studio and her desire to ride horses and combined the two to create Cowgirl Yoga. The concept: Don't just improve your saddle skills, improve your well-being, too. "Yoga helps you do everything better, so the two are a perfect combination," says Burns Vap.

What does becoming a flexible cowgirl entail? Wake up on the ranch, get an eye-opening yoga class, eat a hearty breakfast, and then go into cowgirl 101 and learn how to interact with your horse. Then it's up into the saddle for another yoga session on your horse so you get more comfortable moving with your steed and trusting she'll keep you safe. You wrap up the day with a good, old fashioned ranch-style cookout.

Two choices with this camp: Sign up for the week-long upscale retreat and stay in a hotel or go for the rustic, down and dirty ranch stay 3-day weekend and sleep in a bunk house like a real cowgirl. ($2750 for the 5-day upscale retreat; $995 to $1195 for 3-day stays;

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