Coolest Stuff to Try This Summer: Paddleboard Classes

Been there, done all the classic summer activities? Stretch your muscles, your spirit, and in some cases, your sense of adventure with these active classes, camps, and getaways. Here, find some of our favorites (and tell us yours):

Stand Up Paddleboard Classes

Southern California

Attention ocean lovers: Surfing is cool, but there's a newer way to get offshore. Stand Up Paddling-it looks a little like surfing with an extra large longboard and a canoe paddle. The wide, thick, oversized boards act more like a raft, allowing you to navigate smoothly and quickly through water.

It's less intimidating than surfing, since this sport-especially if you're a beginner-is done when the waves are flat. Stand Up advocates rave about the fact that it's a great total body workout and also love the peacefulness of being far away from shore with only dolphins or whales as company. "It's like hiking on water," says former pro surfer Jodie Nelson, one of the biggest spokespeople for the sport.

You can try stand-up paddleboard classes in many locations across the country (even on the Hudson river in New York City), but a great way to get started is at Nelson's own schools in 6 different locations near San Diego, CA. She teaches lessons as well as all day "boot camp" standup paddleboard classes where you won't be alone in your quest to learn how to try this hot new sport. ($60; $25 if you have your own equipment;


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