Coolest Stuff to Try This Summer: Run Wild Weekend

Run Wild Weekend

Granby, Colorado

Trail running doesn't have to be intimidating. Capitalize on its ability to get you close to nature and tame stress at this trail running weekend led by Elinor Fish, an editor of Trail Runner magazine and founder of the Trail Running and Fitness Retreat.

"I think men are more comfortable with just heading out into the woods for 'solo exploratory runs,'" she says. But women like more, so the retreat is designed to build knowledge, fitness, technique, and confidence on the trails.

The two-day retreat is located high in the Colorado Rockies at the eco-friendly Vagabond Ranch. No need to be elite: Runners need to be able to go about 5 miles at a 10-minute pace on the road to join. In addition to learning trail-running technique (uphill/downhill running), pacing, and fueling (nutrition pre, during, and post-running), you'll learn how to plan your runs with safety in mind. When not on the trails, the day will include a yoga practice, healthy food, and info sessions on how to run faster, longer and stronger. ($675 shared room, $720 single;

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