Coolest Stuff to Try This Summer: Singletrack Mountain Bike Tours

Singletrack Mountain Bike Tours

Bend, OR

Great trails and great singletrack is what you'll get from Cogwild's mountain bike tours in Oregon. Biking, yoga, impressive food and a daily massage-with the beautiful Cascades as your backdrop-come with these weekend-long adventures into the backcountry. "Cogwild is a great way to get out on the trails in a supported environment with a bunch of women and just have fun. There's no pressure and everyone can ride at her own speed," says organizer Melanie Fisher.

Whether you have dabbled with mountain biking and want to get better or are a seasoned rider, these tours are more than just a quick ride. You'll get out into the backcountry using your own pedal power, camp under the stars, and learn bike handling skills from seasoned riders. Bring your own bike or rent one, but be ready: By the third day, you'll be logging at least 25 miles. Good thing the camp is sponsored by the local brewery, because we're guessing you'll be thirsty after all of those dirty miles. ($545 per person;

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