The Couple That Sweats Together...


Boost your relationship fitness here:

  • In Seattle, try swing dancing (Eastside Swing Dance, $40; Novices will be performing lifts, between-the-legs slides, andflashy dips after just four classes. You'll bond over shared laughs.
  • In Salt Lake City, try rock climbing (Momentum Climbing Gym, $60; Get your footing in a beginner rock-climbing classthat will teach you how to secure a harness, belay your partner, andsearch for handholds. You'll begin by bouldering-climbing a large rockwithout a rope-and move on to more challenging wall climbs.
  • In Brooklyn, New York, try boxing (Wellness Works Health & Fitness,$20; You won't punch and jab your honey; insteadyou'll spar with an instructor (it's you two against him). The hour-longworkout also includes jumping rope, ab exercises, and stretching.
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