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The Craziest Things Fitness Instructors Have Said

Let us paint a word picture: You're focused, sweating, and all up in your zone in a fitness class, when suddenly your instructor drops some ridiculous line that totally throws you off. It was supposed to be motivational, but you're left wondering if you're taking commands from a legit psycho. Sound familiar? We asked around for the most out-there lines an instructor has ever dropped to keep you moving. (Then, check out 9 Group Fitness Instructors' Funniest In-Class Moments.)

"'If you have to puke, then puke. But keep going.'"
—Kaitlin, 27, New Brunswick, NJ


"'Do you want to Iook basic or be basic?' I spent the entire fitness class trying to understand which one I wanted...still have no idea."
—Liza, 27, Manhattan, NY


"'This is a Pilates move, people! Try doing it with some grace!'"
—Isabel, 26, Chicago, IL


"'If you want to punch me because you hate me, at least keep your core tight while doing it.'"
—Claire, 27, Los Angeles, CA


"'If a creeper comes at you in the subway, you KICK! Kick him like this!' as the instructor simulated a kicking motion. Now people can't get close to me on the train without me readying my leg for a kick."
—Anna, 27, Karpenision, Greece


"'Speed it up, people! ... Wait, I'm sorry, this is open level, so I mean, everyone has their own capabilitiiiiies!'"
—Andrew, 28, Irvine, CA


"'If I can get through an abusive relationship, you can get through this interval!'"
—Lulu, 31, San Jose, CA


"A group fitness instructor once yelled, 'DO NOT LET THAT WEIGHT BULLY YOU!' I said under my breath, 'Honey, you are bullying me.' He heard, and made me do an extra five squats."
—Katie, 22, Glasgow, Scotland


"'And you PUSH. Push like you're pushing away that deadbeat boyfriend!'"
—Francesca, 27, Seattle, WA


"'This is your time! This is the only time of your day for you! Do you want to disappoint you?'"
—Fatima, 24, Las Vegas, NV


"'Squh-WEEEZE, ladies! Kim Kardashian didn't get that ass from HALF-assing!'"
—Samantha, 25, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"'Pull that pedal around the back, like you're wiping your feet on a carpet! You just stepped in Central Park horse poop! Wipe those feet before you get in the house!'"
—Katherine, 27, Madison, WI


"'Now there's a mist. You're cycling through the mist. How's that mist feel on your face? What's that mist telling you?!' The class was inside."
—Nada, 26, Palestine, TX


"'Squat LOWER! You want that booty high to the skyyyyy!'"
—Ashley, 28, Daly City, CA



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