They mean well, but sometimes the extra verbal push from a fitness instructor straddles the line between motivational and psychotic


Let us paint a word picture: You're focused, sweating, and all up in your zone in a fitness class, when suddenly your instructor drops some ridiculous line that totally throws you off. It was supposed to be motivational, but you're left wondering if you're taking commands from a legit psycho. Sound familiar? We asked around for the most out-there lines an instructor has ever dropped to keep you moving. (Then, check out 9 Group Fitness Instructors' Funniest In-Class Moments.)

"'If you have to puke, then puke. But keep going.'"

-Kaitlin, 27, New Brunswick, NJ


"'Do you want to Iook basic or be basic?' I spent the entire fitness class trying to understand which one I wanted...still have no idea."

-Liza, 27, Manhattan, NY


"'This is a Pilates move, people! Try doing it with some grace!'"

-Isabel, 26, Chicago, IL


"'If you want to punch me because you hate me, at least keep your core tight while doing it.'"

-Claire, 27, Los Angeles, CA


"'If a creeper comes at you in the subway, you KICK! Kick him like this!' as the instructor simulated a kicking motion. Now people can't get close to me on the train without me readying my leg for a kick."

-Anna, 27, Karpenision, Greece


"'Speed it up, people! ... Wait, I'm sorry, this is open level, so I mean, everyone has their own capabilitiiiiies!'"

-Andrew, 28, Irvine, CA


"'If I can get through an abusive relationship, you can get through this interval!'"

-Lulu, 31, San Jose, CA


"A group fitness instructor once yelled, 'DO NOT LET THAT WEIGHT BULLY YOU!' I said under my breath, 'Honey, you are bullying me.' He heard, and made me do an extra five squats."

-Katie, 22, Glasgow, Scotland


"'And you PUSH. Push like you're pushing away that deadbeat boyfriend!'"

-Francesca, 27, Seattle, WA


"'This is your time! This is the only time of your day for you! Do you want to disappoint you?'"

-Fatima, 24, Las Vegas, NV


"'Squh-WEEEZE, ladies! Kim Kardashian didn't get that ass from HALF-assing!'"

-Samantha, 25, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"'Pull that pedal around the back, like you're wiping your feet on a carpet! You just stepped in Central Park horse poop! Wipe those feet before you get in the house!'"

-Katherine, 27, Madison, WI


"'Now there's a mist. You're cycling through the mist. How's that mist feel on your face? What's that mist telling you?!' The class was inside."

-Nada, 26, Palestine, TX


"'Squat LOWER! You want that booty high to the skyyyyy!'"

-Ashley, 28, Daly City, CA