This guided walk and breathing technique will do it all.

February 07, 2017

You might be hitting the gym hard and eating right this year, but how much time are you taking for your mental and emotional health? Simply taking a few minutes during your day to breathe can make a significant difference in diminishing stress and boosting your energy levels, keeping you ready for the work you're putting your body through. (Side note: This is how you should be breathing.)

Take breathing one step further with a wellness walk with fitness pro Ellen Barrett, and learn how walking can keep you just as healthy as running. Schedule 10 minutes in the middle of your day to move, de-stress, and even burn a few calories. Taking a pause for yourself during your work day can promote better focus and concentration, not to mention the great physical benefits. Click play and begin your short and sweet breathing exercise. (Want to amp up your stroll? Try this 30-minute cardio speed walking workout.)

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