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Facebook Fans Tell Us How Kids Motivate Their Workouts

"Born" to Run

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"I ran a mile with my 7-year-old son today. My 5-year-old daughter wanted to run with momma too, so we did a lap. Anything longer and her feet get "so so tired," but some day she'll be a running machine too!! :)" - Tamra Krahn

"My two older daughters turned me on to trail walks n runs! Still doin' them!!! Thank u daughters. ♥" - Irma Gauna Noriega

"My son loves the outdoors. I'm a runner and he knows that and always asks if we can race. He always does Insanity with me...the little bugger sure can get off the ground easier than I can." - Beth Lang

"The kids are I walk every night. 1 mile! It gets them out of the house and some exercise for me too!!! I do other cardio as well...they ride their scooters and I walk!!! gets them away from comp. and video games! ;)" - Shannon Tena

Yoga and Rock Climbing

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"My favorite activities to engage in with my 6 year old are yoga, which she is stellar at, and rock climbing. She loves each, just like I do!" - Halley Miller

"My daughter Mollie was born with a congenital heart defect called pulmonary atreasia- meaning no pulmonary valve. She is 4 and a HALF ;) and the reason why I started running- to show her how to live a healthy lifestyle. I now am an avid runner and yogi, MN pacer, shooting to BQ and place in local 5k's all because of her ♥ My miracle!" - Mandy Stoesz

"My 4 year old loves kid yoga, which has gotten me interested in it too!" - Kelli Veres

Being a Role Model

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"I know that the way I treat my body is the way my daughters will learn to treat their own. That's a big responsibility, that I take seriously." - Amber Evangeline Rogers

"I just want to set a good example for my girls. I am trying to teach them to be strong and healthy! I workout at home and often times they try to workout with me!" - Mary Lewandowski Flynn

"Just from being here...I want to be here for them as long as I can." - Kasia Norine Karen Mckenzie

"I don't have any children but I have siblings and I don't want them to struggle with their weight like I did when I was their age." - Liz Perez

"I struggled with body image issues, bad eating habits, and didn't workout like I should have for a long time. That was after watching and living the way my mom did. I want to be strong, healthy, and a positive role model for my two children. I coach soccer as well, so I lead by example." - Anne Anderson

"I don't have children, but the prospect of having them later in life has really motivated me to keep fit. I want to be a mother who sets an example." - Bry Jensen

Wrestling, Figure Skating and Trampoline

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"My daughter has been figure skating since 5 (she's 10 now) and now I'm doing it too and so is my son who is almost 6. LOVE IT!!!" - Lily Veksler-Gonzalez

"my 16 year old is a wrestler and motivates me to workout by being an inspiration to me." - Andrea Pilgrim Russell

"I love my nephews! On my 2 days off they get me outside for nature walks, baseball, tag, jumping on the trampoline, and bike riding. Its true, kids keep you young and moving." - Celena Cheromiah

Having Quality Time

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"My daughter made a request to spend more "mommy/daughter time" by getting up early each morning to go for a run together. Along the run, I find that I push myself a little harder in an effort to keep up with her. It's not easy keeping up with a 15 yr old when you're 40." - Debbie Scott-Noll

"My kids swim laps with me... And they love their new MOM.. Down 35 pounds and counting!!" - Stacy Lincoln LaBrier

"Honestly, its the only way I get time alone, so I never skip a session. I love my kids dearly, but I am with them 24/7 and they require a lot of energy. Getting time to myself and a workout in gives me the rest of the day to focus on them!" - Chrissy Barbar Thompson

"All three of my sons are athletes so seeing them workout inspires me, plus, they act as my 'trainers' and encourage me and check my form." - Christine Kays

Keeping Up With the Kids

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"I have three boys and I figured that the day they're faster, heavier, and stronger than I am will be one of the worst. As long as I can outrun them we're safe. :) My oldest used to do workouts with me after I had my second and he has his own smaller dumbbells. Now I workout on my lunch breaks since the three of them keep me too busy after work for exercise. I want to be around for them and healthy, though." - Mitzi Sue Rose

"My daughter told me she wants us to be healthy so that I can live to be 100 lol. I can't say no to that, nor do I want to!" - Rachelle Cook

"I could not keep up with their energy levels and was only at 41 with 5 of them all is well and mom has found herself again and nothing feels greater :)" - Nancy Reinhardt

"Just trying to keep up with my little man (who is now 3) encourages me to want to stay in the best shape possible. I want to be able to play with him and run after him and i couldn't do it before I started really focusing on my health and fitness as well. The last 6 months have been so much better." - Robyn L. Bryant LaRose

"chasing 3 boys around...yeah, i gotta stay shape for that one! LOL not to mention...i love feeling great!" - Megan Hall

Working Out After Pregnancy

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"I gained 55lbs during pregnancy and that's motivation enough but I also want to be in great shape before I get pregnant again to ensure my next baby is just as vibrant and healthy as my little boy." - Codi 'Twardzik' Thiessen

"We inspire each other...however after putting on 70lbs during each pregnancy yes, I was inspired to get it off....& I did! :)" - Barbara Trujillo Gomez

Wii Fit Kids

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"My youngest is always challenging everyone in our household at Wii Fit, basketball, any sports. He even fills all our water bottles and brings my Nikes to push me out the door to the Gym." - Sueann Love


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