Fast Home Workouts That Burn 100 Calories: My Trainer Fitness

If you're like us you need to know what the return on investment will be before committing to just about everything. Are there enough cocktail parties this season to justify those expensive (and absolutely gorgeous) shoes? Is it worth going to the grocery store on the other side of town so you can use quinoa instead of white rice in your favorite recipe? Is that 45-minute workout DVD worth doing in the short time between work and dinner (don't forget changing and showering-it adds up!)? That's why we fell in love with the idea behind My trainer Fitness's 100-calorie workouts. If you do each workout properly you'll burn 100 calories in less than 20-minutes and they tell you how to up the intensity, and the calorie burn without adding more time.

With each set of My Trainer Fitness 100-Calorie Workouts you get 6 home workouts that take less than 20 minutes to do and focus on different body parts allowing you to target your core, upper, and lower body on different days. Very little fitness equipment is needed for each home workout and suggestions are given for everyday household items that can be used in case you don't have the proper gear. At the end of each workout is a bonus 100-calorie challenge that takes about 12 minutes and involves simple tasks like jumping jacks, skipping, or running stairs. When you're short on time, space, or cash-all 6 home workouts are just $12- My Trainer Fitness 100-Calorie Workouts are a great option. How's that for return on investment?

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