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Fat-Burning Backyard Bootcamp


Bootcamp-style cardio-strength classes fry fat and sculpt sexy muscle. But you can get the same results on your own with this plan, designed by Los-Angeles-based trainer David Silk. You'll alternate between cardio drills and resistance moves, with no breaks in between.

"The no-rest method is killer, but it keeps your heart rate elevated, maximizing your burn," he says. In less than 30 minutes, you'll melt up to 250 calories while toning every muscle from your shoulders to your calves.

To get started, set up two markers (like cones or sticks) 50 feet apart and stash a resistance band near one to serve as your "base." For extra motivation, recruit a pal. There's nothing like a little friendly competition to get those legs moving faster!

Workout Plan

Workout Intensity: Hard
Equipment Needed: distance markers, a resistance band
Total Time: 25 minutes
*Rate of perceived exertion
**For a refresher, see plank exercise instructions

BONUS: Download a motivating Playlist designed for this workout!

Dynamic Duo: Do the hammer curl to reverse fly moves below and your arms and back will be begging for mercy!

CurlHammer Curl:
Stand with feet hip-width apart on the center of a resistance band, knees slightly bent. Hold an end of the band in each hand at sides, palms facing each other. Bend elbows, bringing hands toward your shoulders. Return to starting position.
flyReverse Fly:
Next, bend forward from hips until your back is nearly parallel to the ground and arms are extended straight down from shoulders. Raise arms to shoulder height out to sides, elbows slightly bent. Return to starting position, rise up, and repeat entire sequence for one minute.


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