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Fitness Bloggers Reveal: What's in My Gym Bag

Mama Sweat

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"Like most moms with un-potty-trained children, the must-haves include diapers, wipes, changing pad, sippy cup, and emergency snack (for both of us). I also keep everything I would need if I get the opportunity to shower (which rarely happens). I also want to be prepared for any workout, because I never know how I'll feel once I walk in the door. So you'll find everything from swim goggles to cycling shoes in my bag, and another important item: an extra sports bra. You never know."

Our fave: The baby and the dog—will they both fit in the bag? Kara Thom, triathlete, mother of four, and author of Hot, Sweaty Mamas blogs at Mama Sweat.

All Health Breaks Loose

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"A fresh gossip magazine is a MUST—I cannot get through my cardio without US Weekly or People. Earphones and iPod help me power through strength training twice a week and allow me to listen to the Real Housewives (while simultaneously reading) on the Stepmill. Organic soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, because being pregnant has turned me into a paranoid freak about chemicals (Plea to beauty companies: Will somebody please make an organic deodorant that actually works?!). Speaking of bumps, I've got my BioOil for a good post-shower lube-up."

Our fave: Her nearly empty water bottle—yay for staying hydrated! Leslie Goldman is a health and fitness writer, body image expert for the Today Show, author of The Locker Room Diaries, and blogs at All Health Breaks Loose.

Cranky Fitness

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"My essentials: House key, big-a#* water bottle, tunes, cash and cards, padlock, towel 'cause I'm too cheap to rent one, droid, and gratitude that I can walk to gym and shower at home!"

Our fave: Gym bag, purse, lunchbox or all three? We love multi-functional bags! Jan Graham is a life coach and blogs at Cranky Fitness.

Cort the Sport

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"I won my bag in the Virginia Triathlon Series and it has my name on it. The bag means a lot to me, as it represents a dream, a lot of hard work, and a journey that continues to bring joy, surprises, and self-discovery! Inside it are a foam roller, swimsuit (pink flamingos!), goggles, swim cap, gym passes for me and the family, Garmin GPS watch, pink calf compression sleeves, Nathan steel bottle with water and Scivation Xtend BCAAs during training, shaker cup with whey and carbs for post-workout, hairbrush, bar mop towel (if it can handle bar slop, it can handle my dripping body in the gym!), lotion, Body Glide, caffeinated gel, iPod nano, Allen wrenches for my bike, pink lifting straps, and swim fins so I can imagine what it must be like to be Olympic swimmer Darra Torres!"

Our fave: The story behind her bag! Plus, check out all that pink! Cortney Martin is a triathlete, marathoner, and mom. She blogs at Cort the Sport.

Bikini or Bust

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"My must-haves are a cute outfit from Lululemon, runners, extra socks, tampons, my workout split, pens, headphones, extra head phones, shampoo, makeup, journal, business cards, jewelry, lip gloss—seven or eight shades&mdas;shin pads for floor hockey, sparkly lotion, after training snack, dental floss, water bottle, toothpaste and toothbrush, random cutlery that I never use to eat, sometimes even my MAC BOOK is crammed in there, and my wallet."

Our fave: Any girl who carries seven shades of lip gloss and hockey shin guards must be awesome. Donloree is a figure competitor and blogs at Bikini or Bust.

Man Bicep

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"I sweat a lot so I always have extra shirts in my bag and deodorant. I'm also paranoid about not having underwear so usually I have a couple of extra pairs stuffed in there. Other essentials are my lifting shoes, protein powder, Creatine, two iPods (but no headphones!), and ring box. I NEVER wear my engagement ring when I work out because I'm afraid I'll damage it. I keep it in a little puppy ring case when I lift (so I also don't lose it when I take it off). There's also usually a lot of random papers and dirty clothes.

Our fave: That she had to hold her plank for several minutes to get this shot! Cori Lefkowith blogs at Man Bicep.

Fit & Gluecklich

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"My favorite thing is my gym bag; I have a pink Puma one and love it! In it there is usually a sweaty towel, a water bottle, my workout log, my ipod, and my gloves."

Our fave: "Gluecklich" is German for lucky and happy! Ulli Riebl blogs at Fit & Gluecklich.


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"My daughter and I both have these 'pointy packpacks,' and it reminds me to make my workouts into playouts. The Ostrich jerky is because it's easy to find carbs (from fruit to oats) but protein can be harder to come by."

Our Fave: The pointy backpack gets some serious style points! Carla Birnberg is a fitness writer and mom. She blogs at MizFit.

Go Tami Go

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"1. Rehband knee sleeves, 2. Tall socks, 3. Chalk, 4. Logbook, 5. Olympic lifting shoes, 6. New Balance cross country shoes, 7. Fractional plates, 8. Gymboss timer, 9. Lacrosse ball (for rolling out my kinks), 10. Kettleshields, 11. Wrist wraps, 12. Camera (I train alone, so it helps to video myself and check form), 13. Jump rope, 14. Homemade TRX thingy, 15. Lifting straps, 16. Totally awesome bag from Elite FTS.

Our fave: She made her own TRX—crafty and fit! Tami Collins blogs at Go Tami Go.

TGI Paleo

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"I'm in the Army and commute an hour each way to work with PT at 6 in the morning, so I live out of my gym bag(s)/car. In my shower bag: Towel, shampoo/conditioner, facial soap, body wash, loofah, flip flops, hair gel, brush, makeup bag, hair ties and clips, toothbrush/toothpaste, makeup remover, body lotion, and deodorant. In my clothing bag: Complete ACU uniform, boots, socks, boot blousers, clean undies (I always carry an extra bra and pair of panties... just in case!), running shoes, Crossfit shoes, set of civilian workout clothes (for Crossfit classes after work), extra socks, Nalgene bottle, tampons, Motrin, instant coffee packets (for long days), and school books/homework folder (I'm also a grad student—who's apparently too cheap for a separate backpack) And in my trunk: Extra complete ACU and PT uniforms (for days when I forget something—a weekly occurrence at minimum), lunch box, and a yoga mat.

Our fave: She wins the award for being the most prepared for anything. Anything! Camilla Nusbaum blogs at TGI Paleo.

Truth 2 Being Fit

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"In my bag I have two pairs of workout gloves, two water bottles, lots of towels, iPod Nano and a shuffle (just in case), hand sanitizer, Rubberbanditz, knee donuts, cable ankle cuff, and a triceps rope, among other things. On any given day, I may add more stuff to the bag! It's like a suitcase!"

Our fave: The towel that says "You're worth it!" because, of course, you are! Jody Goldenfield blogs at Truth 2 Being Fit.


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