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Free Fitness Classes You Can Take On Periscope

Free Fitness Classes You Can Take On Periscope

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Adhering to a daily workout is no longer like pulling teeth to make it happen—inventive classes and fun atmospheres have turned sweat sessions into something we actually look forward to (like these 15 Next Big Fitness Trends). But there are still huge obstacles that can easily stand in your way of your daily burn, like crazy schedules, sky-high class prices, and inconvenient locations.

That's why we're flipping out over latest trend on Periscope, Twitter's live streaming service: Some of the best fitness instructors and studios around the world are taking advantage of the new app and live streaming workouts you can tune into and work up a sweat with—all for free.

"When it came out, it was just a no brainer," says Laura St. John, co-owner of Pearl Street Fitness in Denver, one of the latest fitness studios to hit the Periscope scene. "The idea was for people not to have an excuse to not be able to get a workout in." To quash any other excuses you may be able to come up with, St. John and most other studio have made their Periscope classes mostly equipment-free and, of course, financially free. (Did we mention it's free?!)

Most classes will post their Periscope schedule on their Twitter or Facebook. But who should you be following? To get in on some of the coolest new workouts in the world, check out these nine free classes on Periscope. (And if you want to attend a free fitness class IRL, see if any of our The Top 21 Free Fitness Classes in America are near you.)

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Pearl Street Fitness makes good on its mission to build strong, confident people and inspire fitness beyond its own walls with their 30 to 45 minute Periscope classes two to three times per week. Bonus: Owners Scott and Laura St. John are huge travel buffs, so look out for live streams from all corners of the globe. (Find the schedule here.) (If that travel part interests you most, you have to check out these 15 Instagram Accounts for Eye-Popping Travel Porn.)

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Creator of Insanity and all-around ripped celebrity trainer Shaun T doesn't mess around when it comes to his workouts. (Proof: Shaun T's Upper-Body Workout for Seriously Toned Arms.) With weekly Periscope workouts and special broadcasts (including dance parties!), you'll definitely be feeling the burn. (Find the schedule here.)

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Kino MacGregor already dominates Instagram with her gorgeous beach yoga photos. Now she's offering daily meditation and yoga streams so you can take your Instagram crush to the next level with daily yoga assignments, stretching, and meditation techniques. (Find the schedule here.)

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With over one million Instagram followers, Michael Morelli, a fat loss specialist and certified personal trainer, is already adept at making time for HIIT workouts and burpees whether he's at the beach, in the gym, or lounging by the pool. Check out his channel for a constant stream of fresh moves and fitness and nutrition tips. (Find the schedule here.) (They may not be on Periscope, but Our Favorite Celebrity Fitness Trainers on Instagram can still provide a nice dose of fitspiration.)

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Kerri Verna's Instagram is filled with sun, sand, and a whole lot of scorpion handstands. Tune into her Periscope for regular beach yoga classes filled with the same. If we close our eyes, we can allllmost feel the sand between our toes. (Find the schedule here.)

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She may be a celebrity trainer, but this fit chick is also a motivational speaker—so you better believe her Periscope channel will get you off the couch. Check her streams out for tips on how to improve your body and your life. (Find the schedule here.)


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Heather Palmer is one bendy yogi. But don't be intimidated by her crazy contorted poses—learn how to do them instead! Tune in to her chill classes for all the backbend variations you can imagine. (Find the schedule here.)

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Red Hot Dance Fitness is perfect for when you just can't seem to get yourself motivated. Their #judgmentfree workouts are more dance party than drudgery. Tune into their live studio classes and you'll forget you're even burning calories. (Find the schedule here.)

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This mom of five knows a thing or two about staying totally zen. Tune in every day at 11:11 a.m. EST for a daily dose of meditation and motivation with just the right amount of yoga and fitness moves to keep you blissed out all day long. (Clearly she knows about the 17 Powerful Benefits of Meditation.)

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