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Funny GIFs: 16 Happy Moments All Fitness Lovers Can Relate To

Real talk: Even for the most die-hard fitness lover, there are times that going to the gym is a total drag. You're tired, you're sore, a Law & Order marathon just came on, and there's nothing you'd like more than to skip your workout.

But ultimately, what gets us into our leggings even when we'd rather be doing anything else is the fact that most of the time, we love working out. And sometimes, we really, really, really love it. So we rounded up 16 heart-warming moments that all gym rats can relate to, to help remind us why we love our fitness habit on the days the couch is feeling extra-comfy and motivate us to get our booty to pump class.

1. When another runner gives you a thumbs up—especially if you're the only two out on a rainy, windy, overall crummy day.


2. When a personal trainer at your gym gives you a "Great job!" as you leave. And no, you never worked with him before.


3. When another woman takes you aside to let you now that your yoga pants are see-through when you squat.




4. When you actually think up a great comeback to that idiot gym bro who constantly warns you that weight lifting will make you "too bulky."




5. When your instructor tells the class to check out your form as an example of what to do.




6. When you get into a spontaneous race with another runner while out on your usual run.




(Healthy competition is one of the eight reasons having a fitness buddy is the best thing ever.)

7. When you realize someone else at the random party where you know no one is a CrossFit fanatic too and you become instant BFFs.


8. When your best friend walks into your yoga class, even though you hadn't planned on going together.




9. When your friend automatically hands off a hard-to-open jar to you—and not the guy standing next to you.


10. When your favorite sports bra, favorite pair of socks, favorite leggings, and favorite shirt are all clean at the same time.


(Did you know there's a right way to wash your workout clothes?)

11. When your friend tips to off to an amazing sale on your favorite pair of running shoes.


(We asked an expert: Is It Dangerous to Run in Old Running Shoes?)

12. When your non-runner friend casually mentions to you that she's been thinking of "trying out that couch-to-5K app."


13. When you're in line for the leg press machine, and the guy who was using it before you actually wipes it down when he's done.


14. When you get back from vacation and all the gym employees and regulars ask where you've been.


15. When you have to raise the weight on two out of the three machines you use during your workout, because it means you're stronger than whoever used it last.


16. When your favorite locker and favorite treadmill are both free at the gym. And no one hops onto the treadmill next to you for the entire workout.


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