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Get Fit in 5 Minutes: Total-Body Strength Workout

Full-Body Firm and Burn

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The most common excuse for not sticking to a workout routine? "I just don't have time." In today's over-scheduled, over-stressed society, it's easy to fool yourself into believing this is true. But it's not. Everyone can spare five minutes, which means everyone can fit in an effective fat-burning, muscle-building workout.

These five multitasking moves help you make the most out of every second. With a built-in warm up and little to no rest in between exercises, you truly can challenge your entire body in the time it takes to check your social media pages.

How it works: Do 1 set of each exercise back to back, with little to no rest between moves. This circuit is super effective on its own, or you can pair it with our other Get Fit in 5 Workouts to customize a complete cardio and strength routine.

You'll need: A set of dumbbells (3 to 15 pounds, depending on level) and a mat (optional).

Dolphin Pike

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Reps: 20

Begin in an elbow plank position with hands clasped. Brace abs in tight and lift hips, pressing chest back towards thighs.

Pull abs in tighter towards spine and lower hips to return to start. Do 20 reps.

Balancing Deadlift Row

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Reps: 20 per side

Stand with feet together, knees slightly bent, holding dumbbells. Balancing on right leg, hinge forward from hips, keeping spine naturally straight and extending left leg up behind hip (try to make a straight line from left heel though the crown of head), reaching arms towards either side of right foot.

Bracing abs in tight to help with balance, row dumbbells up by sides, bending elbows behind body. Slowly lower dumbbells back down and return to start. Repeat on the other leg. Do 20 alternating reps.

Plié Curl to Press

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Reps: 20

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width, knees and toes turned out about 45 degrees, holding dumbbells. Bend knees and lower into a plié, reaching arms toward the floor in front of body.

Extend legs and curl weights in front of shoulders, palms facing in. Keep abs drawn in and extend arms, pressing weights overhead, palms stay facing in. Lower arms back down and immediately repeat. Do 20 reps.

Quadruped Kickback

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Reps: 20 per side

Kneel on all fours (hands should be on top of dumbbells, palms facing in). Bend left elbow in by side and lift right knee a few inches off the floor, engaging abs to help keep torso steady. Do a triceps kickback with left arm by extending elbow as right leg extends behind hip. Return to start. Do 20 reps, and then repeat on opposite side.

Chest Press Leg Drop

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Reps: 20

Grab a pair of dumbbells and lie faceup, with legs extended straight up over hips (knees can be bent if needed) and arms open to sides of shoulders (like a goal post), elbows a few inches off the floor. Inhale, drawing belly button into spine, and lower legs to a 45-degree angle (avoid arching lower back) as arms extend straight over chest. Exhale, drawing abs in tighter, and return to start. Do 20 reps.

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