Counteract all those hardcore workout routines with one that stretches and lengthens your muscles while revving up your metabolism


We all want a strong and toned body, but contracting your muscles over and over without taking the time for stretching can cause injury and aches. Enter: yoga, the ultimate body release to loosen up those tight quads and calves and re-align your back and spine. Don't get it twisted, though, yoga isn't just about stretching-it builds strength while still building a toned and sleek physique.

Standing poses such as triangle and half moon engage your core and learning the power of the breath (a key element in yoga) will help rev up your digestion and balance out any HIIT routine or dumbbell workout. You'll gain flexibility in those problem areas that tend to be contracted while sitting all day and build core strength and power all at once.

In this metabolism-boosting series by Grokker expert Andrew Sealy, you'll push through a 30-minute vinyasa yoga class designed to activate your endocrine system, boost metabolism and keep your muscles lean and healthy. Check out the entire series on along with many other series to become a better you.

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