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Get Lean Legs with Nicole Scherzinger's Lower Body Workout


Dancing with the Stars Winner Nicole Scherzinger knows the benefits that dancing has given her body. But she credits her toned legs and perky tush on the lower body workout her trainer, Adam Ernster, created for her. Along with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from her Shape photo shoot, Nicole shares her no-dancing-required lower body workout here.


Lower Body WorkoutWorkout routine:
This lower body workout helped Nicole get lean, sculpted legs, and a toned tush—and it will do the same for you! "These moves focus on balancing on one leg while the other leg's moving. This tires out your butt and legs faster, so you can see results in less time," says Ernster. Combine these super-effective toners with cardio on most days and soon your lower body will be a perfect 10. 


Lower Body WorkoutBONUS: More Dancing with the Stars Body Secrets:
Learn how other dancing divas keep their shoulders sculpted, backs toned and tummies tight. Now that you have Nicole's lower body workout, use these total-body-toning secrets to get top marks! Learn the DWTS Secrets!

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