• Pick up 34 minutes of strength moves for your video MP3 player fromKacy Duke's In Gym series ( The celebrity trainer demonstrates 15 exercises that use weight machines and easy-to-find equipment,such as dumbbells, to tone your entire body.
  • When you can't make it to the studio, YOGAmazing ( brings the class to you. Download the sessions and watch them on yourcomputer or video MP3 player. Each 15 - to 25-minute workout has aspecific focus, like balancing, relaxation, or ab strengthening, so you cantailor your practice to your individual goals.

  • ITrain iRow ( eliminates the rowing machine's intimidation factor. During the six-minute podcast, a trainer tells you how to set upand row correctly. Get your form down, then spend $7 to download a40-minute workout that burns nearly 400 calories.

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