The Plan

You'll need Two 4-kilogram (about 9 pounds each) or heavier kettlebells (find them at

How it Works Warm up with 5 minutes of easy cardio followed by 1 minute of the swing. Do 10 reps of each remaining move in order, without resting in between. Catch your breath for 60 seconds and repeat the entire circuit (starting with the swing) once or twice.

4 things to know before you start

Don't let an injury ruin your workout. To lift kettlebells safely, follow these tips.

Keep a tight grip The thick handles and swinging motion can make it hard at first to hold these weights. To avoid flinging one into a mirror or dropping it on your foot, start with a 4-kilogram or heavier size. (If the kettlebell isn't heavy enough, you may swing too hard, which could cause you to lose control of it.)

Add some padding Wear terry cloth wristbands (from $3; at sporting goods stores) to protect yourself from the inevitable bumps you'll encounter as you get used to handling the bells.

Lift with your legs Kettlebells are heavier than they look. To pick one up, squat, keeping your back naturally arched. Wrap both hands around the handle, then stand. Use your legs to power your moves.

Find the right spot The floor you stand on should be sturdy enough to stand up to a kettlebell should you drop it. Also make sure you have plenty of space (a little more than an arm's length all around you, including overhead) to do the moves safely.