Updated: January 28, 2018

Before you hit the road or dive into the pool, make sure you have these training essentials.

A drink that does you favors

Fuel your training with Gatorade's new G Series Pro line-previously only available to top athletes. A half hour after you've polished off your routine, grab the Protein Recovery Shake ($4.29, price may vary by location; available exclusively from GNC); it will replenish your glycogen reserves and give you a wallop of protein to help your muscles recoup.

A lightweight road bike

This Giant Aeryn 0 ($1,750; giantbicycles.com for stores) has smooth-not knobby-tires to help you ride faster.

Sports watch

Clocking your workouts doesn't just help you keep track-it motivates you to speed up and increase your endurance. The Timex Ironman Sleek 50 ($35; timex.com) is durable and waterproof, and can time your laps and splits.

Padded shorts

You've probably noticed that backside soreness increases as you amp up your cycling time. Shorts with a padded chamois at the crotch and tailbone, like the Craft Women's active ($75; craft.com) put a welcome layer of cush between the saddle and your tush.

Lap counter

Was that 6 or 7? If your head spins when you're swimming and trying to count laps, let a gadget do it for you. Simply tap the SportCount LapCounter ($25; sportcount.com) each time you finish a lap and never lose track again.

Great goggles

They improve your vision underwater. And mirrored lenses, like the ones in the Barracuda HydroBat Mirror ($17; swimoutlet.com), also reduce sun glare when you swim outdoors.

Running shoes that fit

A specialty shop can fit you for a pair of sneakers. Many triathletes opt for a shoe like the Zoot Ultra TT 3.0 ($140; zootsports.com for stores), with a no-tie lacing system-you can slip them on after your ride and be on your way fast.

The right suit for swimming

Any one- or two-piece that stays put will do. A style like the TYR Splice Trisuit ($106; tyr.com) allows you to go from swim to ride to run without changing clothes.

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