Want to get rid of the dimpled skin on your hips, thighs and butt forever? Our eight-week workout, motivation and diet plan is simple to follow - and the only program proven to work. Here's how a group of real women succeeded - and how you can too.

Our cardio, strength and flexibility plan requires just three 20-minute workouts a week, which will help you build muscle and lose fat - the best way to sabotage cellulite. In two months, you can shed 3 pounds of fat and gain 2 pounds of muscle doing this workout alone. Small commitment, huge results!

A desire for smoother, firmer, cellulite-free thighs will get you into the gym. But you'll need more incentive to keep you working out.

The women who followed both the workout program and the eating plan lost almost three times as much fat and 6 pounds more than the exercise-only group. Give our meal plan a try too.