Mother & Child

Ready to get back to your pre-baby workout, but don't want to leave your little one at home. Take these classes-together.

  • Stroller Strides (from $10 per class; .Choose between indoor sessions at a local mall or outdoor workouts in a park. Classes last 60 to 75 minutes and include at least 45 minutes of walking to crank up the calorie burn, as well as muscle-toning moves that use your stroller and a resistance band.
  • Baby Boot Camp (from $5 per class; baby Despite the name of the class, your baby won't have to do anything more than relax. You, however, will sweat your way through 55 to 75 minutes of strength training and cardio. The classes-there are three levels-meet at community centers or parks.
  • Itsy Bitsy Yoga (from $14 per class; itsy Newborns through 4-year-olds are welcome at these hour-long sessions held in yoga studios nationwide. As your child gets older, she'll become more involved in the class, performing poses beside you.


Partners who work out with each other resolve conflicts faster and communicate better. Boost your relationship fitness with these classes.

  • Swing dancing (Eastside Swing Dance, $40; Novices will be performing lifts, between-the-legs slides, and flashy dips after just four classes. You'll bond over shared laughs.
  • Rock climbing (Momentum Climbing Gym, $60; Get your footing in a beginner rock-climbing class that will teach you how to secure a harness, belay your partner, and search for handholds. You'll begin by bouldering-climbing a large rock without a rope-and move on to more challenging wall climbs.
  • Boxing (Wellness Works Health & Fitness, $20; You won't punch and jab your honey; instead you'll spar with an instructor (it's you two against him). The hour-long workout also includes jumping rope, ab exercises, and stretching.

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