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13 Killer Exercises to Mix Into Your HIIT Workout

You'll only power through these HIIT workout exercises for a minute, but you'll feel the burn for *much* longer.
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This Dumbbell HIIT Workout Will Burn Out Your Arms and Abs

No doubt your bis and tris are going to be sore the next day, but this dumbbell HIIT workout created by trainer Hannah Davis will get your entire body working—and seriously sweating.
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Is HIIPA the New HIIT Workout?

So, you're saying that my trip to Target counts? Eh, not so fast.
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How to Effectively Train for Both HIIT and Steady-State Workouts

Training them the right way makes everything—from powering up the stairs to your regular workouts—easier and more efficient.
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Is It Possible to Do Too Much HIIT? A New Study Says Yes

Capping your weekly HIIT classes may actually help you reap more benefits from the workout.
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5 HIIT Workout Apps You Should Download Now

Let them be your virtual guide to getting a sweaty, full-body workout in 20 minutes or less.
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