13 Killer Exercises to Mix Into Your HIIT Workout at Home

You'll only power through these moves for a minute, but you'll feel the burn of this HIIT workout routine for much longer.

13 Killer Exercises to Mix Into Your HIIT Workout at Home, Reaching my fitness goals. Active young woman working out and doing decline mountain climbers with a plyo box
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When you're in the mood for a full-body, fast-paced workout, you probably head online for high-intensity interval training workout videos. But when your WiFi's on the fritz and non-stop buffering is ruining your sweat sesh, you're not totally S.O.L.

These 13 HIIT exercises are a gift from Amanda Butler, a New York City-based personal trainer formerly with The Fhitting Room (a studio dedicated to HIIT workouts). By combining these killer moves into one routine, you get a homemade HIIT workout that burns calories and fires up your muscles.

How it works: Perform each equipment-free HIIT exercise for a minute, followed by a minute of rest.

You'll need: No equipment, just some space

1. Hand-Release Push-Ups

A. Start in a standard push-up position, and lower body all the way down to the floor.

B. Lift hands off the ground for a second, then exhale while pressing body all the way back up. To modify, just drop to knees — it will still make for an intense HIIT workout at home. (Having trouble mastering the push-up? Fitness pro Hannah Davis is here to help.)

2. Plyo Push-Ups

A. Start in push-up position, and lower body to the floor.

B. Get a big push off the floor and lift hands off the ground before landing back in push-up position. To modify, drop to knees.

3. Russian Twists

A. Sit on the floor, with heels touching the floor or lifted (more advanced) and hands at your chest.

B. Twist from side to side.

4. Single-Leg Burpees

A. Lower body into a squat, and place hands on the floor directly in front of feet.

B. Jump feet back with only one foot touching the floor, and lower body to the ground.

C. Bring feet back to hands, then jump into the air on that same foot without letting the other touch the ground. Go directly into the next rep without touching down.

D.Repeat for 30 seconds on each side. (BTW, this is the right way to do burpees.)

5. Supermans with Lateral Raises

A. Lying on stomach, lift legs and arms off the floor, arms reaching straight in front. Squeeze back and glutes to keep legs up.

B. Pull elbows down to waist, return to starting position, and repeat.

6. Lateral Lunges with Hops

A. In this part of the HIIT workout at home, step left leg out to side for a lateral lunge, keeping right leg straight.

B. Bring left leg up to a 90-degree angle and hop on right leg. Repeat on each side.

7. Tuck-Ups

A. Lie on back with arms straight overhead. Crunch legs into your chest while lifting back off the floor.

B. Grab legs, balancing on your glutes. Return to starting position and repeat.

8. Mountain Climbers

A. Start in high plank position with shoulders over wrists.

B. Quickly drive each knee into chest one at a time as if running. (Psst...you might want to refresh your memory on how to do mountain climbers before kicking off this part of the HIIT workout at home.)

9. Plank Jacks

A. Start in low plank position with feet hip-width apart.

B. Hop feet out wider than hip-width, and then hop back to the starting position. Keep abs tight and don't allow butt to pop up above the height of shoulders for an at-home HIIT workout routine that hurts so good. (

10. Squat Thrusts

A. From standing position, drop hands to the floor and kick feet back to be in plank position.

B. Hop feet back to center and return to standing.

11. Plank-Ups

A. Start in high plank position. Place right elbow under right shoulder, then left elbow under left shoulder, to be in low plank position. Make sure to keep shoulders stacked over wrists.

Press back up to high plank position, starting with right arm.

C. Repeat, rotating leading arms each time.

12. Flutter Kicks

A. In this core-strengthening move of the HIIT workout at home, lie on back with hands behind head, holding head and shoulders up off the floor.

B. Keeping legs long and straight, bring one leg into the air while the other hovers parallel to the ground.

C. Keep switching legs continuously.

13. Star Jumps

A. Standing with feet together, jump off the ground bringing arms and legs out so that body forms a star shape.

B. Land with knees slightly bent, arms by knees.

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