How To Spot A Bad Trainer

If you suspectyou're not getting your money'sworth, ask yourself these questions.

  • Did you get a full workout during your first session?
    "Before you startto exercise, you should fill out ahealth history and discuss your lifestyleand goals," says Cedric Bryant,Ph.D., chief science officer for theAmerican Council on Exercise. Also,expect to do simple tests-like aseated forward bend, push-ups, and aone-mile walk-to measure yourflexibility, strength, and endurance.
  • Does she check her BlackBerry while you lift?
    You wouldn't want adistracted doctor operating on you,so expect no less from your trainer.Chatting nonstop and lookingaround are all signs that she's onautopilot. She should be correctingyour form and encouraging you.
  • Does she ask you how you're feeling before every session?
    Stress, a bad night's sleep, and nagging achesand pains can all affect your workout.
  • Does she gossip about clients?"Your trainer shouldn't share anydetails about other people she workswith," says Bryant. "Confidentialityis a sign of professionalism."
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