Jump Rope Workout: Burn Fat and Tone All Over

This simple piece of exercise equipment is all you need to torch calories in just 15 minutes

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If your gym is still super-crowded with resolution exercisers, or if it's too cold to even get in the car and drive to the gym (let alone exercise outdoors), the perfect workout solution could be hanging in your garage. Enter the jump rope: It's quick (this routine takes just 15 minutes), it's powerful (it burns up to 13 calories a minute), and it's portable (stash it in your suitcase along with these other Lightweight Workout Tools to Pack When You Travel).

Dave Hunt, who founded the jump rope company CrossRope, designed this custom full-body interval training workout for Shape. You can do it with any rope, but using a weighted jump rope will increase the resistance, amping up both calorie burn and upper-body toning.

You'll need: Jump rope

How it works: Do the circuit twice, resting for up to 2 minutes in between


1. 1 minute jump roping with both feet together

2. 20 lunges (10 per side)

3. 1 minute alternate-foot jump roping (as if you were running in place)

4. 10 pushups

5. 1 minute jump roping with both feet together

6. 30-second plank

7. 1 minute alternate-foot jump roping

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