Steal four moves from #fitspo trainer Kaisa Keranen's playbook to torch calories, fast

By Lauren Mazzo
July 18, 2016

Sometimes you're just too busy to hit the gym or need a workout that'll get your heart fired up in the time you'd normally take to warm up in spin class. That's when you should tap Kaisa Keranen (a.k.a. @KaisaFit) for this 4-minute all-over burner. These four moves are guaranteed to have you sweating in no time. (More from Kaisa: 4 Plank and Plyometric Exercises That Work Your Entire Body)

This format is pulled from Tabata workouts, the OG form of high-intensity interval training. How it works: for each move, do AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat the circuit two to four times for a quick, intense routine that will hit your whole body.

Lunge Switches

A. Starting with feet together, jump into a lunge on one side.

B. Jump feet together, then jump into a lunge on the opposite side. Repeat.

Push-Up with Straight Leg Kick

A. Lower into a push-up.

B. Push up and kick left leg toward left triceps. Repeat. Perform every other circuit on the opposite side.

In and Out Squat Jump Taps

A. Jump feet into a squat position, lowering down and tapping the ground with one hand.

B. Jump feet together, then back out, squatting and tapping the ground with the opposite hand. Repeat.

Dive-Bomber Push-Up

A. Start in downward dog.

B. Bend arms in a triceps push-up and pull chest through to upward dog.

C. Push back to downward dog. Repeat.

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