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This Lower-Body Ballet Workout Will Inspire You to Rekindle Your Love of Dance
The ballet-inspired workout goes beyond your basic barre classes but is crafted to appeal to anyone even if you've never heard of a relevé before. Plus, it was curated with the help of American Ballet Theatre's top dancers.
Fire Up Your Lower Body with This Beginner-Friendly Workout By Emily Skye
The easy-to-follow routine offers an exclusive look inside Emily Skye's new beginner-friendly program.
10 Ways to Do Squats with Weights
Build stronger glutes and quads by swapping your bodyweight squats for these squats with weights.
You'll Feel This Simple 5-Move Kettlebell Leg Workout Tomorrow
This kettlebell leg workout might be simple, but it's certainly not easy.
The Best Ways to Do Resistance Band Squats
Ready to feel the burn? Take your bodyweight leg workout to the next level by adding these resistance band squats to your routine. 

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These Kettlebell Squats Strengthen *Much* More Than Your Glutes
Along with helping you achieve a J.Lo-approved booty, kettlebell squats work your core and upper body in ways that just aren't possible with other equipment. 
Torch Your Lower Body with This Five-Move Dumbbell Leg Workout By Kelsey Wells
This quick and efficient 20-minute session is inspired by the trainer's PWR At Home 3.0 program, the most recent update to ger original at-home lifting series.
One Perfect Move: The Bodyweight Step-Up Exercise for Bulletproof Legs

Squats aren't the only way you can make major #gains on leg day.