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Master This Move: Swiss Ball Pushup

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A few weeks ago, we broke down the Plyo Pushup—an explosive version of the humble pushup. And we told you how the classic move—without any fancy variations—is one of the best out there for shoring up your chest, triceps, and all-over, total-body strength. But since variety is the spice of fitness, we’re bringing you another pushup variation this week. (Sticking to the same routine is one of these 7 Signs You're Setting Yourself Up for Workout Burnout.)

Swap out your go-to pushup for this one next time you hit the gym, or work 3 sets of 5 to 8 reps into any workout a few times a week. Not only will you reap the benefits of a regular pushup, but “the stability ball is an unstable surface that forces you to engage your core,” says David Kirsch, celebrity trainer and wellness expert. The fact that your body is in a decline position makes this move more powerful than a regular pushup. (That’s why trainers or group fitness instructors will tell newbies to put their hands on a box or bench when they can’t quite nail the form for a regular pushup—being in an incline position makes the move easier, taking some of the work off your upper body.) Bonus: If you can do this move on one leg, you’ll be even less stable, making the exercise even more challenging—and even more effective!

swiss ball pushup

A Grab a Swiss ball and maneuver body so shins and ankles are resting on the ball and hands are on the ground in front of you, directly under shoulders. Lift one leg up a few inches off of the ball.

B Perform a pushup, lowering upper body toward the ground by bending elbows. Keep foot lifted and don’t allow back to “sink.” Push back up to start and repeat. Do all the reps on that side, then repeat with the other foot lifted.


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