Missed our dance party with world-renowned Zumba Fitness instructor Kass Martin? No problem! Catch the highlights from our chat with Martin below.

What are the best types of shoes to wear to a Zumba class?

Kass Martin (KM): Have you tried Zumba shoes? You can find them at They're comfy, come with different insole options, are super cute, and have a low tread to help with pivoting and movement. I'm sure you'll love them!

How can I maintain my weight loss?

KM: Maintaining weight loss is all about consistency. Keep at it! The days I don't feel like working out are the days I know I'll benefit most from a workout.

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I just had a baby. How can I lose my belly pooch?

KM: Getting your body back after baby can be a process, but you'll get out of it what you put in. I followed a healthy diet and took notice every day of how I was feeling and whether or not I was hungry. Consistency is key! Keep working out, work that core, and you'll be back in no time. I have two kids, so I know that feeling, but being positive is something that will keep you motivated and not discouraged. It can take a while, but when you've reached your goals you'll feel strong, a renewed sense of confidence, and people will be ooing and aahhing over not only your baby but you!

What's your diet like? Do you always follow a clean eating plan?

KM: I love eating! Anyone who knows me knows this. I love eating lots of food too, so in order to eat a lot, I have to make healthy choices. For example for lunch or dinner, I love a loaded salad, with grilled chicken, every veggie under the sun, and some crunchy toppings. I love to add a little fun into my meals as well. I have to enjoy some sweets as well-can't be too rigid!

As a Zumba instructor, do you ever get tired of only doing Zumba? Do you do anything else to stay in shape?

KM: Variety is something I love in a workout. However, Zumba is pretty much my only choice of workout, because it's so fun! What's great is there are other Zumba Fitness programs: Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao, Aqua Zumba, Zumba in the Curcuit... this gives variety to my workouts, offering total-body results!

As an instructor, when I am feeling burned out, I switch up my music. I remember the reason I love teaching: my students. I put on class favorites and let the music move me. When I put my bad day aside and focus on the energy of the class and students there, I always get way more out of it!

I'm a Zumba instructor and recently, class attendance has gone way down. How can I boost attendance and ensure that I have a full class?

KM: Getting and keeping students in your class is tricky. There are so many reasons numbers change. Try giving away incentives, such as "bring a friend for free day"or "buy five classes, get one free," or "total request live class: I'll play what you request." Changing it up a bit may be the key.

My advice for new instructors would be that practice makes perfect. I try and think of what I can bring to a class as opposed to doing what everyone else is doing. Everyone has something unique they can offer their students (high energy, personal attention, great cueing, fun personality).

I had one of my first classes with two people: my mom and a student named Joe. If I let that class discourage me and determine my future in teaching, I don't think I would be doing what I am doing today. Keep at it. Keep working hard and believing in yourself.

What do you do to get those ripped abs?!

KM: My abs are all Zumba! I tighten my core as best as possible, really isolating my abs during my Zumba classes. This prevents me from having to get on the floor and and do crunches. Who wants to do that! I read somewhere that "great abs are made in the kitchen" so no matter the time you put into your workouts and at the gym, eating healthy and clean will really cut down on belly fat and unveil those abs that have been hiding.

How much time do you spend taking or teaching classes?

KM: The amount of time I participate in Zumba is about an hour a day, 6 days a week. I give an hour a day and what it gives back to me is ten fold! I teach 4 times a week and attend my sister and friends classes on the off days to inspire me, give me new ideas and to just kick back in a class and not be in charge. I teach trainings for new Zumba instructors ( on weekends so I have added workouts there for sure. It's pretty addicting.

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How do you balance life, work, and motherhood?

KM: Keeping family, work and being a wife is a balancing act. My family comes first. We make sure we spend a lot of time together and always keep each other in the loop as to what's happening in our we grow in this journey together. I always say my husband is the brain and I am the booty. He helps me with everything from booking my flights to getting a hotel or rental car to helping hold down the fort while I am away for work. Luckily, I married the best guy around. We are always assessing where we are and how we are doing with the kids as well so that we maintain a happy and balanced life.