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New Moves For Your Favorite Fitness Equipment

5 Unexpected Moves Using Exercise Equipment

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From medicine balls to resistance bands, there are certain moves that naturally come to mind when you throw these training tools into the workout mix. But what else could your favorite pieces of fitness equipment be doing for you and your sweat session? Here’s a look at five unexpected ways to get more from the equipment you adore. (Then, check out these 5 Pieces of Exercise Equipment Trainers Hate.)

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Stability Ball Split Squat

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Works: Lower-body

A. Start in split stance with left foot forward and right foot back, top of the right foot (shoelace side) resting on top the stability ball with right leg fully extended. Keep arms relaxed at sides.

B. Slowly bend left leg, dropping into a lunge. Keep left heel on ground and left knee in line with the left foot as you lean forward just slightly. As you lower, draw hands in front of chest. Raise back up and repeat.

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Outstretched Plank with Foam Roller

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Works: Total-body

A. Start in plank position with both hands placed on top of a foam roller, wrists directly below shoulders.

B. Keeping core engaged and hips and shoulders squared to mat, slowly begin to roll the foam roller forward, allowing arms to outstretch fully into an extended plank position. Return to start and repeat. (If you like this move, then try these 4 Foam Roller Exercises to Burn Fat and Reduce Cellulite.)

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Resistance Band Push-Ups

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Works: Arms

A. Start in plank position with hands shoulder-width apart, resistance band positioned over upper back and anchored firmly under each hand, creating tension on the band.

B. Slowly bend elbows, allowing them to flare out only slightly as you lower chest toward floor for push-up. Return to start and repeat.

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Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers

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Works: Abs and obliques

A. Start in plank position with both hands on top of a medicine ball, positioned directly below chest.

B. Keeping core engaged and left leg extended, draw right knee toward chest.

C. Quickly switch sides, re-extending right leg and drawing left knee toward chest. Repeat. (Like this exercise? Then, try Medicine Ball Slams and 7 More Moves to Build Muscle.)

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Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press

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Works: Arms and shoulders

A. Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding kettlebell in right hand directly above the shoulder. Bell of the kettlebell is pointing toward ceiling and right palm is facing toward face. Keep right elbow tucked in close to body and maintain a slight bend in knees.

B. With control, slowly press kettlebell up toward ceiling, keeping it in line with the shoulder throughout the movement. Return to start and repeat.

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