Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, the company's latest innovation has a class for everyone.

By Emily Abbate

Photo: Peloton

The great thing about yoga is that it's super accessible for everyone. Whether you're the kind of person who works out every single day of the week or dabbles in fitness every so often, the ancient practice can be modified for every level and done from pretty much anywhere. Pair that with the better-body benefits-like improved cardiovascular health and elevated self-esteem-and it's no wonder why Peloton wants to get in on the action. Yep, the brand you know and love for cycling and running (and strength training-they have those workouts too via their app) just announced the launch of Peloton Yoga.

Peloton's been making waves for more than four years in the fitness industry. In 2014, the brand released their custom-designed Peloton bike complete with live Spin classes, which subscribers could join and stream in the comfort of their own home with or without the company's signature hardware. Earlier this year, they expanded their offering with the Peloton Tread, opening their second New York City studio in the process and flaunting a new squad of all-star trainers (led by master tread instructor Rebecca Kennedy). And beginning December 26, Peloton Bike and Tread owners and digital subscribers will be able to add Peloton Yoga into their routines.

"We are incredibly excited to release Peloton's new yoga programming to our members, both in the studio and at home," said Fred Klein, chief content officer of Peloton. "As we did with the addition of bootcamp, running, walking, and outdoor earlier this year, we are continuing to expand our suite of superior fitness offerings in order to provide our members with an ever more diversified array of options to stay fit, happy and healthy." (Related: I Started Doing Yoga Every Day and It Completely Changed My Life)

For someone who feels uncomfortable approaching a yoga class and tackling downward dog in front of the masses, Peloton Yoga could be just the ticket they need to try something new. They'll certainly have a lot of variety to choose from, with classes ranging from yoga basics and restorative yoga to meditation and guided visualization. With this announcement, the brand's bringing on three A-class instructors-Kristin McGee, Anna Greenberg, Aditi Shah-to join their roster. (Related: The Y7-Inspired Hot Vinyasa Yoga Flow You Can Do at Home)

Want to see if this is your speed? Good news: Peloton Digital (an all-access pass to stream live Peloton classes that you can use with your own equipment) offers a 14-day free trial period, and monthly membership is priced at less than $20 per month. For those in NYC, studio classes at the brand's new, third Manhattan studio space start at $20 for new members.

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