Though my year as a Shape columnist has come to an end, I'll be continuing my weight-loss journey on my own. And while I'll definitely miss all the guidance, tips, and support from all the wonderful experts (and from all of you!), there are so many tools and lessons that I'll take with me. For example, I've learned to be more patient and congratulate myself for victories big and small. I know that I'm a work in progress, and can only strive to be the best version of myself (physically and mentally) that I can be.

How will I drop those last 10 pounds? I've decided to try Tony Horton's Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp from Beachbody, a 6-day-a-week plan that alternates cardio and body-sculpting workouts. I like the structure the program provides; anything that allows me to monitor my progress and results will help me stay on track. I've also started a new weekly blog, aptly titled Intentional Health. I hope you'll all follow my progress at

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