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NIA Fitness: Energizing Workout Routines

Looking for fresh and new workout routines? Stay in shape with the energizing movements of NIA fitness workouts.


Workout Routines: Up To Sky And Down To Earth



Step forward with right foot, placing heel on ground first, then roll through ball of foot. As you plant right foot, keep left foot flat, knees slightly bent, and fully extend arms in a V overhead and look up [A]. Step back firmly with right foot onto ball of foot, heel lifted. Bend knees as you hinge forward from hips and swing arms down alongside your body and behind you [B]. Repeat for reps, then switch legs.


Workout Routines: Sink And Pivot Table Wipe



Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart. Stay light on your feet as you rotate torso to the right, lifting left heel, bending right knee to align with right ankle. Concentrate on the rotation through your core and imagine you are wiping something off a table with arms and hands in front of you as you circle arms to the right, palms down [A].

Keeping your movement fluid, shift and pivot to your left, "wipe the table," then press both arms straight ahead to finish move, palms forward [B]. Repeat, pivoting from side to side, integrating your own freestyle motion into arm movements.

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Workout Routines: Sumo Stance And Block



Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart, body weight balanced equally between feet. Bend knees and sit as if riding a horse. Bend elbows at chest height, palms down, hands in fists [A].

Maintain leg position and keep arms bent as you exhale forcefully and lift right forearm up above head, rotating palm forward, as if warding off a punch. At the same time, press left arm down toward abdomen [B]. Repeat, alternating upper and lower blocks while maintaining stance. Exhale forcefully with each block and concentrate on performing the move with precision and strength.


Workout Routines: Sword Stance With Alternating Punches



Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart. Step back with right foot, bending left knee. Turn right foot slightly outward, leg straight. Draw abs in. Bend elbows and draw them back, with hands in fists, palms up. Extend left arm out in front of you, turning palm down [A].

As you bring left arm back to side, punch forward with right fist, turning palm down as you extend arm [B]. Continue to alternate arms. Use strong exhalations on each punch to increase focus. Do reps, then switch legs.


Workout Routines: Spinal Undulation



With feet and legs together, lengthen and extend arms up; with knees bent, move from the spine and hips, circling to the right for reps[A], then to the left [B]. Imagine you are holding silk scarves and spiraling them around in the sky. Move with the intention of unlocking your spine, creating fluidity.

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