Uh-oh. So you showed up to the gym, ready to work out, only to discover that you forgot your socks. Or, even worse, your shoes! Before using this as an excuse to get out of a workout, see our solutions on how to hit the gym floor even when missing an essential piece of clothing!

Sports Bra

Forgetting your sports bra is enough to ruin any workout - I know, I've been there. Before you hightail it out of the gym, know that there are workouts you can still do (but others that should always be avoided). Keep in mind that lack of proper support from a sports bra can cause pain, elasticity loss, and stretch marks. Not a pretty sight, right? Wearing your regular everyday bra, choose low-impact activities that are not going to cause much, if any, bounce. Weightlifting, yoga, and walking on the treadmill are all good bets.

Gym Lock

While it may be tempting to leave belongings in a gym locker without the protection of a lock, don't. Gym theft does happen, and when your stuff is stolen from an unsecured locker, most gyms will not cover the loss. While it may be annoying, bring your belongings with you onto the gym floor. Stash your bag next to the machine you're working out on; if you're taking a class, leave your bag against a wall where you can see it.

See how to handle forgetting your shoes, pants, or socks after the break!


Unless you are a seasoned barefoot runner, forgetting your shoes is a real pain. Shoes help to offer stability and support during workouts while also offering protection during weightlifting. Throw on a pair of socks and choose activities that don't require a ton of ankle support or require your feet to move in a constant repetitive motion (like the treadmill). See if there are any group fitness classes that you can take like yoga, Pilates, and barre, where going barefoot is the norm. Another option is to wear the shoes you came in - if they are flats - and hop on a seated stationery bike or stair-stepper where feet remain still.


You showed up to the gym without your moisture-wicking socks; now what? If you are lucky enough to be wearing a regular pair already, you're just going to have to be the girl on the treadmill in her trouser socks. But if you showed up in a pair of peep-toe wedges, sans socks, it's time to change your strategy. While you can wear your shoes without socks, you're likely to get blisters if you choose any sort of high-intensity workout - especially if you sweat a lot! To avoid stinking up your shoes and getting a bunch of blisters, choose to strength train for the day. Or, better yet, opt to take yoga.


Ack, no pants?! Unless you're with a friend who packed an extra pair, go home. Working out in jeans, a skirt, or dress slacks is something that no one should ever have to experience! Once you're there, change into your workout gear and relieve your stress with one of these home workout ideas.

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