Get geared up for Rio while you work on those abs

By Sara Angle
August 04, 2016

Opening Ceremony have you feeling inspired to get fit? You've come to the right place. Put on your fave red, white, and blue spandex (or check out these Olympic-Inspired Workout Clothes That Are Anything But Cheesy) and try these moves that the SHAPE and Fitness teams swear by for an at-home sweat session. You'll do burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, v-ups, push-ups, high knees, Russian twists, flutter kicks, star jumps, and jump squats. As for how many, that will all depend on how the night unfolds. So get ready to unleash your inner Olympian, and if you still need more motivation to work out, these motivational morning mantras from Olympic athletes are sure to do the trick.

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