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Perfect Your Pilates Workout: Exclusive Pilates Videos from Mari Winsor




Lower Body WorkoutPilates Video #1: Get Noticeable Results Fast

Mari Winsor reveals what kinds of changes can you expect within 10 sessions—and the amazing results you can see after 30! Here's what you need to get started in Pilates right.

Watch Mari Winsor's Intro to Pilates video. >>







Lower Body WorkoutPilates Video #2: Flatten Your Belly with the Hundreds

If you know one Pilates exercise it's probably the "hundred." But you can do thousands of them and not see results if you're not doing them right. Mari Winsor reveals the (fixable) mistake beginners make. Get your flat belly now.

Watch Pilates: The Hundred video. >>


Lower Body WorkoutPilates Video #3: Fix The Most Common Mistakes

Even devoted fans sometimes have trouble properly executing basic Pilates exercises—especially the roll-up, side kick, and criss-cross. Mari Winsor dissects three of the most common mistakes and shows you how to fix them.

Watch the Roll-Up, Side Kick, and Criss-Cross Pilates video. >>


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