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Perk Up Your Bust Workout Routines

You want fitness workouts that target your bust and you want to see results fast. Shape has the workout routines you want and need!


Strength training routine # 1: High-Cable Rotation Press

Reps: 10-12 with each arm


Stand with your left side next to a high-cable machine with a single handle attached. Grasp handle with left hand, arm outstretched, palm facing forward. Place left foot in front of right, feet hip-width apart, right hand on right hip [A]. Contract abdominals, lift chest and relax your shoulders, drawing shoulder blades down [B]. Keep a soft bend in your left elbow, wrist straight.


Strength training routine # 2: Reciprocal Chest Press

Reps: 10-12 alternating with each arm


Stand slightly ahead of the center of two high-cable pulleys with single handles attached. Grasp a handle in each hand, then adjust position to make sure the cables are behind you, elbows bent at shoulder level, forearms parallel, palms facing down [A]. With feet hip-width apart, contract abdominals so spine is in a neutral position, shoulders and hips square [B].


Strength training routine # 3: Rocking Plank Push-Up

Reps: 3 rocks and 3 push-ups per set


Kneel on the floor with wrists aligned under shoulders and arms straight. Extend one foot at a time behind you until you’re balanced on the balls of your feet. Lower hips, pulling abdominals up and in until body forms a straight line from head to heels. Lift right foot off the floor, holding leg at hip height [A]. Keeping body stable in plank pose, rock backward without letting your belly sag or hips rise up, pressing left heel toward the floor, then rock your entire body forward until shoulders are over wrists [B].

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