Got Pilates love? No surpise: Many women can't get enough of Pilates exercises because unlike traditional strength training, in which you often work each muscle group separately, it treats the body as one integrated unit. Not only do you incorporate various muscle groups, but you also put your mind into every move. But what happens when you love the total mind-body connection of Pilates exercises but have specific problem areas you want to focus on in order to get results? Whether it's thick thighs or a soft stomach you don't have to give up everything you love about Pilates exercises to target your problem areas. Reach your fitness goals with these videos from Pilates expert Mari Winsor, who helps you target your problem areas-fast.

Problem area: Midsection

Despite a good diet and strong abs, you still don't have a flat stomach. These Pilates exercises can help remedy that.

Research has shown that the one hundred and double-leg stretch, two of the Pilates exercises Mari Winsor modifies here, are the top moves for targeting the transverse abdominis. That's the ab muscle that stabilizes the spine, and it's the one that gives you greater body control as you move and pulls your stomach in for a flatter midsection.

Problem area: Stomach and thighs

The softer areas of your body, like your stomach and thighs, tend to be jiggly; use these Pilates exercises to get them firm and strong.

This challenging core workout also engages the legs throughout the routine with a resistance band. Because these Pilates exercises are done in a circular motion, rather than vertically or horizontally, they force you to engage all the muscles in your legs and core for maximum toning.

Problem area: Lower body

You have a pear shaped body-and that means wide hips and thick thighs, which these Pilates exercises target.

Here Mari Winsor shares her side-kick series and amps up the challenge with a resistance band. Your lower body is working against constant resistance as you perform these Pilates exercises, which boost strength and endurance in your hamstrings, quadriceps, buttocks, upper hips and inner thighs.

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