7 Accounts to Follow for the Best Pinterest Workouts

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Who knew you could find workout inspiration on Pinterest?! Spice up your at-home fitness routine with strength training, barre, and small-space routines that are fun...and free.

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Best Pinterest Workout Accounts

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If your at-home fitness routine is feeling as tired as the same pair of sweats you've been wearing for months, it might be time to consider a new way to find some inspiration. Surprisingly, you can find some really great Pinterest workouts on the platform you usually rely on for DIY and recipe ideas. Plus, thanks to some creative trainers and athletes hosting workouts on their accounts, you don't even have to leave the app or browser to get in a good sweat. Consider this further proof you don't need a fancy home gym to work out — all of these programs are free.

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Exercise with Extra Fries

collage of posts from the Exercise With Extra Fries Pinterest account

Not only is the name of this account awesome (#teamcarbs), but the LA-based sisters behind it really show off their creativity in these Pinterest workouts. Follow Exercise with Extra Fries for a small-space workout or a complete routine you can do without stepping foot off your bed. Beyond the at-home exercise routines, the account also offers tips about creating a DIY Peloton setup that will save you $$$ and decadent, healthy-ish recipe ideas such as cauliflower alfredo pasta.

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Lemonier Lift

collage of posts from the Lemonier Lift Pinterest Account

Follower this personal coach for some inventive indoor and outdoor fitness ideas. Former NFL player Corey Lemonier shares his strength secrets via Pinterest workouts such as a workout you can do with your partner and an outdoor box workout. You might need to work your way up to the single-leg box jumps, though. 😲

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collage of posts from the Shape Pinterest account

Can anyone resist a self-promo? Join the 640,000-strong community and follow Shape on Pinterest for workouts that deliver results and are just plain fun. Think: This strength training biceps workout or this box jump workout.

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collage of posts from the AsToldByDom Pinterest account

Elite athlete Domonique Panton is not messing around with her Pinterest workouts and nutrition tips. Follow AsToldByDom and do not pass go until you try the three-minute plank variation challenge and the milk jug circuit. (P.S. These YouTube channels also offer kickass at-home workouts.)

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collage of posts from the FashionEatsTravel Pinterest account

Vera La Rochelle's inviting smile might make you think her Pinterest workouts are a walk in the park. Think again. Follow her on Pinterest for high-energy routines to target — and challenge — every muscle. Her 290,000+ Pinterest fans rave about the resistance band "back day" routine and the fire shoulder workout.

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collage of posts from the Blogilates Pinterest account

Cassey Ho, one of the OG fitness bloggers and digital Pilates instructors, is also the creator of some of the best Pinterest workouts. She, of course, offers fans Pilates routines and ballet-inspired barre moves. Check out her account for her greatest hits, including this glute gains in 30 days challenge and the 10 best cardio workouts.

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Eager Fit

collage of posts from the EagerFit Pinterest account

For more low-impact barre workouts that are scalable for beginners and beyond, join Marta Klingbail's 94,000+ followers. Her Pinterest workouts are deceptively challenging. Just try this 10-minute lunch break workout or this 60-second core crusher and you're sure to get the muscle shakes.

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