Kheycie Romero says she's been "dreaming" about lifting 600 pounds for the last four years.

By Faith Brar
December 31, 2019

Competitive powerlifter Kheycie Romero is bringing some serious energy to the bar. The 26-year-old, who started powerlifting about four years ago, recently shared a video of herself deadlifting an impressive 605 pounds. That's more than three times (!) her body weight (at her last powerlifting competition, she weighed in at 188 pounds).

Now, by no means does Romero make her accomplishment look easy. In fact, it seems like she seriously struggles at first in the video.

But by the end, Romero completes a clean lift, setting her own personal record. (Related: How to Properly Do a Romanian Deadlift with Dumbbells)

In her Instagram post, Romero wrote that she physically "wasn't ready" for the lift. So, what got her through the challenge?

"I actually came into that training day with a very calm mentality," Romero tells Shape. "I just said to myself, 'Today is the day. I'm going to deadlift 600 pounds.'" (Get more powerlifting inspo from Instagram sensation @megsquats.)

Once she felt grounded in the present moment, Romero says she trusted her body to lift the weight. "It was an extremely rewarding moment," she explains. "It almost felt like a dream, like 'Wow, I really just did that?'" (Related: Powerlifting Healed This Woman's Injury—Then She Became A World Champion)

Turns out, Romero has been dreaming about lifting 600 pounds since 2016, just a few months after she first began powerlifting, she shares. "About four months into powerlifting, I actually woke up from a really intense dream. I had lifted 600 pounds," she says. "From then on, I always said, 'I know one day I will do it. It's destined.'" (Here are a few tips to amp up your weight training workouts.)

But when Romero shared her goal with others, she often got a "yeah, sure, okay" in return, she says. Of course, that didn't stop her. "I'm pretty relentless, and I wasn't going to stop until I reached [my goal]," she explains. (Related: Olympic-Style Weightlifting Women Who Make Lifting Heavy Sh*t Look Easy)

Romero may have reached her goal of deadlifting 600 pounds, but she's still committed to climbing the ranks, she shares. "I want to continue working to be the best. I want to touch numbers no female has—at least in squat and deadlift," she says. "I'm not much of a bencher," she jokes.

For now, she says her goal is to deadlift 617 pounds in competition. "Just because of my birthday: June 17," she adds.

While her physical strength is no doubt awe-inspiring, Romero says powerlifting has done more than just transform her body. "It's extremely empowering. It makes you appreciate what your body is capable of rather than just how it looks," she explains. "It makes me feel a lot more confident, stronger, and capable of doing anything else I put my mind to." (Related: This Woman Swapped Cheerleading for Powerlifting and Found Her Strongest Self Ever)

Her advice for setting and achieving goals? "It's all mental," she says. "When you step up to that bar, and you mentally aren't prepared to hit the weight, then you're most likely going to fail. But if you walk up confidently and trust your capabilities, then you are most likely to succeed. That goes for any kind of goal you set for yourself. You have to trust yourself and believe you can achieve it. It's mind over matter."

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